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Consult Welkin Transport for Commercial Transport Services in Vancouver

As the numero uno of commercial transport services in Vancouver, at Welkin Transport, our flatbed trucking service caters to clients hauling specific equipment or supplies that may often include loads that are broad, over-length, over-sized, overweight, or any of the aforementioned combinations, though may still legally travel on the road. Flatbed trucking services are suitable for building sites or shipping locations where there are no accessible docks or where swift loading and unloading are required with severe time constraints in place.

We specialize in flatbed transportation and our specialists will ensure that your consignment is secured by employing the appropriate tarps. There are numerous trailer types used in flatbed transportation that are intended to meet the varying requirements of commercial transportation services in Vancouver, either in terms of size or how they must be loaded. Furthermore, we can offer expedited shipping for any of your shipments that need to be delivered as quickly as possible.

Our company provides flatbed transportation services across Canada and the continental USA the continental United States for both LTL and FTL cargoes. Flatbed shipping is ideal for loads that cannot be carried in an enclosed dry vehicle. Large machinery, construction materials, and heavy equipment are a few of the tell-tale examples of common flatbed freight.

Flatbed trailers can carry practically any kind of load and may be utilized in a variety of ways. They come with the exclusive advantage of being able to be loaded from behind, the top, or the sides. Admittedly, when it comes to transporting your freight quickly as well as safely, flatbed trailers continue to be the most adaptable of all kinds of industrial vehicles.

We help manufacturers haul goods from Canada to the neighboring USA and vice versa. Call us now to learn how our commercial transport services in Vancouver may reduce your shipping overheads!